February 14th, 2011

More CHOCOLATE & VICODIN reviews are pouring in

Now that the official book release date is only a week away, more reviews are starting to pour in for Chocolate & Vicodin.

The book was covered in The ABC Book Review podcast which you can listen to here. Fast forward to minute 20:45 to hear their endorsement of the book, which made me blush. Thanks guys! You also have an opportunity to win a free copy of the book there.

Chocolate & Vicodin was also reviewed on their sister site, the Twinsburg Public Library Blog in December where they said:

Her resilience is inspirational, and her words will resonate with anyone who has experienced chronic pain, frequent pain, or mental pain such as anxiety and depression.

Stephanie on Real Mom’s Guide suffers from migraines and had this to say:

Whether you’ve had one headache or a million, you’ll enjoy the humor Jennette brings to Chocolate & Vicodin, and you’ll feel her pain, thankfully not literally.

The How to Cope With Pain blog said it was:

Funny and informative…told by the excellent story-teller.

Thanks for the great reviews, everyone!

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  1. MaNiC MoMMy says:

    Hey Jennette! LOVED the book, and I’m still on board to do a review and giveaway on Feb. 22 on my blog — the Real Mom’s Guide was just something extra I wanted to do since I loved the book so much! xo

  2. Tiffany says:


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